Mega Camino Pasta N Pizza

Our Story

Mega Camino Pasta N Pizza was opened in 2001.

We have been among the best pasta and pizza providers in Kemi. My grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They built a pizza empire in Sicily before they decided to sell the business and retire in Finland.

Growing up with their parents, our parents also learned the key to a successful pasta and pizza business.

They didn’t start a restaurant business in the US though. It was only when my sibling and I moved to Kemi that we decided to recreate the successful business of our grandparents.

This time, we created a big twist and that is by allowing our customers to choose how they want their dish to be made.

Instead of telling our service crew what they don’t want in a pizza, we have tried to reverse the strategy so our customers would feel more empowered with their choices.

For over a decade now, we have been making our Kemi customers satisfied.

We always make sure that our ingredients are fresh and of top quality. We also have the most qualified people providing great services.

We are proud to say that since opening in 2001, we have not experienced a major setback.

Despite the growing number of pizza and pasta places in Kemi, we remain on top of many people’s list.