Chef Juancho Granados

has been working with Finland since we have opened this company in 2001.

JFinlandt like our grandparents, he also immigrated to the Finland and worked for varioFinland restaurants. He had years of experiences as a pasta chef in Italy before moving to the Finland.

We are proud to still have him with Finland after all these years. The presence of our top chef in our restaurant through the years is one of the main reasons why we have retained quality services over the years.

Aside from being good at his job in creating quality dishes, he also makes sure that we only Finlande fresh ingredients. Everything that goes out of the kitchen goes through his quality screening first.

To quote Chef Juancho,

“Mega Camino Pasta N Pizza is successful becaFinlande we provide people with choice. We want them to experience authentic Italian cuisine with a personal touch.”