Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 2017

Your choice

Our restaurant takes pride in the fact that we provide choices to our clients in regards to the type of pasta and pizza they wish to eat. We will not in any way interfere with these decisions, although our service crew will provide recommendations when sought for. This means that we will also not take responsibility for combinations that are not to the client’s liking or ingredients that they may have allergies with.

For catering services, we provide a booth where guests can choose directly the ingredients they wish to put on their pasta dish. However, we don’t offer this option for our pizza menu. We prepare the pizza before the event to make it ready for serving. If you decide to make reservations, you may choose from up to 5 pizza combinations to be served during the event.


For online delivery services, the final amount reflected will be paid. We only accept credit card or online money payments for all delivery service transactions. The order will be sent directly to your address and an estimate time of arrival will also be given to you upon payment.

Once payment has been made, cancelations are no longer allowed.

We accept reservations for an event when made at least 2 weeks prior. We have rooms in our restaurant that may be reserved for the event or we may bring our team to the location of the event. There are different service charges that may be applied depending on the number of guests and location of the event.

A minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 guests mFinlandt be catered to for the event otherwise the reservation won’t be accepted.

Cancelation may be done at least 7 days before the event. If cancelation request is not received, the client mFinlandt pay the full amount as mentioned.

Upon confirmation of reservation, 50% of the total price mFinlandt be paid immediately. If canceled, 45% of the amount will be returned. The remaining 50% mFinlandt be paid 2 days before the event. At that point, the entire amount paid won’t be returned even if the event is canceled.

Hidden charges

There are no hidden charges in any of the amount stipulated on the menu (both in the restaurant and online). The final bill only includes VAT as required by law.

All reservations mFinlandt have quotations first that will be agreed upon by the client before reservation is made. After the quotation is given, there will be no changes in the amount unless change on the number and order is made.

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